BoldU Week in Review - Week Ending March 30, 2018

BoldU Week in Review - Week Ending March 30, 2018

BoldU Week in Review - Week Ending March 30, 2018

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Our BoldU learners are really starting to jump in and use BoldU!

This week we had 56 course completions by 29 learners!  Our top learners last week were:

Leon T of Redwire who completed 12 courses

Virginia C of Security Partners who completed 9 courses.

Crystal Z of Security Partners who completed 7 courses. 

and Cassandra L of American Alarm, and Andrew S of Cunningham who both completed two courses.


Kudos to Security Partners, Custom Alarm, and Redwire who, combined, completed 44 courses!

The ManitouNEO courses remain the most popular eLearning courses.  

Thank you to all for your commitment to learning!

Last week we launched our first online instructor-led course for Level 3 and 4 users.  

We introduced the first instructor-lead course to our early-adopters that signed up for level 3 and level 4 to help ensure that we had a manageable group of learners for this first course. The first course we released was BU201 Data Entry Specialist.  The course is 6 weeks long and the format is much like an online course you would take at a community college.  You log in each week and are expected to complete specific work each week, interact with other learners in class, and you have an instructor who helps guide the course.  

The next course is scheduled to start next Monday the 9th of April.  This course is BU200 Advanced Alarm Operator.  This too is a six week course.  If you are a level 3 or 4 user and would like to sign up some of your learners, please contact with which learners you would like to have attend.  If you aren't on level 3 or 4 and would like to purchase access to this course, please also contact for information on how to purchase this course one-off.  

Resource Center continues to produce lots of helpful information.

The most popular content in the Resource Center this week was:

  • Transmitter Programming Commands Guide
  • ManitouNEO Enhanced Action Patterns
  • ManitouNEO Resi v. Comm Enhanced Action Patterns Guide
  • What Makes a Quality Schedule
  • ManitouNEO New Customer Worksheet 
  • ManitouNEO Action Patterns

We added new guides this week relating to the BU201 course on understanding Raw signals in Manitou and a Worksheet to help people practice their understanding of raw signals.  


We hope everyone had a wonderful week last week and we look forward to another great week this week!

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