Weekly Review

Weekly Review

Weekly Review

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BoldU Week in Review

Since our soft launch on Thursday February 15th, we have already had some really great traction on BoldU.  We have already 51 sites, and 91 people registered.  

Resource Library

The resource library is already a hit!  Of the 91 people already in BoldU, 12 of the people have already viewed or downloaded 54 documents.  Our most popular content this week is:

  • Introduction to ManitouNEO Guide
  • ManitouNEO Data Entry Overview Video
  • ManitouNEO General Schedules Guide

BoldU Learning Content

People are already jumping in on the self-paced learning content this week.  Our top consumers of the BoldU Learning content this week were:

  • Dory R of Per Mar
  • Hope N of Per Mar
  • Brad D of Per Mar

We had Jeff S of Valley get started on a number of self-paced learning last week we are excited to see more of you get going and completed on the learning!

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