Welcome to BoldU

Welcome to BoldU

Welcome to BoldU

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Welcome to our new BoldU!

Training is constantly changing and our newer technologies require new features.  As part of our ongoing commitment to continuous learning, and helping our customers educate their teams, we introduce to you this new Learning Management System: BoldU.  Here we are able to offer all our customers access to our Resource Center where you can locate Quick Reference Guides, User Manuals, How-to Guides, Video Tutorials, and much more.  This resource center is complimentary for all users.  Each user simply registers for the site and all have access.  

We offer subscriptions at many levels now and we, also, have the ability to offer more than self-paced eLearning to users.  Soon, learners will be able to register for regular Professional Development and Advanced learning courses where they are paired up with instructors and other learners from other companies to build on their skills. Some of the Professional Development courses coming in the next months are:

  • Central Station Manager
  • Data Entry Specialist 
  • Manitou System Manager

Look for these courses and the starting dates to get into the classes.  Enrollments will be limited to a maximum of 20 students per class to allow for proper instructor attention.  Courses will start approximately every 8 to 10 weeks.  Learners will receive assignments to complete, are expected to ineteract with other learners throughout the course, and their successful completion of the course results in a certification of their work.  

Later this year the Advanced Instruction courses begin.  These are Live online instructor-led courses where students attend live lectures with an advanced instructor on more advanced topics such as database administration or database development.  These courses will require learners to have a video connection to ensure their attendance and certification.  

We are committed to contiuous learning and hope that you are as excited as we are to join us in this new motivating community.  

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