Learning Week in Review - April 29, 2019

Learning Week in Review - April 29, 2019

Learning Week in Review - April 29, 2019

Another great week to learn new things! 

Here is a tidbit…  Did you know that we only retain 25% of what we hear? (https://extension2.missouri.edu/cm150) If you have ever had your mind wander during a conversation that is your brain doing other things while attempting to listen.  Here are a few things you can do to better “tune-in” to people when you are in conversation. 

  1. Anticipate the speakers next point – not for rebuttal but to stay engaged.  If you guessed correctly, you get the endorphin rush of satisfaction, if you get it wrong, your brain can ponder on why, which can help increase attention. 
  2. Identify supporting elements in the conversation.  The brain remembers things in threes (past, present, future, top, middle bottom, etc…) and seeking out three key points helps you focus on the speaker. 
  3. Make Mental summaries.  How would you reflect back what you just heard to the speaker?
  4. Ask for clarification.  Help the speaker feel they are heard by asking for more detail.  “What makes you say that?”  “Tell me more about…”

Remember silence is the greatest gift you can give to someone speaking.  If you give them the space they need to get their point across, they will likely reciprocate in kind. 

Thanks to our Evercommerce family for sharing these great insights during their internal seminar last week. 

On to BoldU Learning…


Our learners did a great job this week!  Our Top learner not only completed 20 eLearning modules but did so with perfect scores. 

A Tech Security & Systems (Easy Living Store)

Lynn B.



A Tech Security & Systems (Easy Living Store)

Dee H.



Redwire / Sonitrol Of Tallahassee

Esther K.



F.E. Moran Security Solutions

Kelley B.



JD Security

Ace A.



Red Wolf High Level Security

Shane F.



Great work Lynn!!!

Our top learners and companies now receive badges each week.  As do those who completed modules in BoldU.  Start collecting today!


Resource Center

This week we had good number of resources downloaded for all of our products including Manitou, ManitouNEO, SedonaOffice, AlarmBiller, and SIMS. 


Our top resources this week were:

ManitouNEO Placing an Account On Test

ManitouNEO Filtering the Alarm Queue

ManitouNEO Handling an Alarm

ManitouNEO Review On Test

ManitouNEO Alarm Queue Columns

ManitouNEO Operator Cancel from Queue

ManitouNEO Action Patterns

ManitouNEO New Customer Worksheet

Introduction to ManitouNEO Guide

ManitouNEO Operator Alarm Handling Times Dashboard XML File

AlarmBiller - Customer Manager - Proposals Tab (Details)

ManitouNEO - EAP - Fire Action Pattern

AlarmBiller - Customer Manager - Proposals Tab (Adding)

ManitouNEO - EAP - Multiple Trip alarms

Sending a FEP Manual Signal

ManitouNEO - EAP - Low Battery with a Power Fail

ManitouNEO Dashboards

Creating List Prompt in ManitouNEO

ManitouNEO - EAP - Log Network Trouble while still looking for runaway

We are continuing to add more content every week.  Stop on by and see what’s new. 


We still have seats available for the Live classes coming in June and August. 

AMDSA – June 4&5, 2019 - This new, high-level course provides our technical-minded customers with the comprehensive knowledge to manage the ManitouNEO database, including maintenance, SQL queries, and custom reports.  Taught by Josh Brennan, one of our Data Conversion Specialists, and Caryn Morgan, this course will help you get data out of your database in ways you hadn’t imagined. 


SOGLBC – August 20-22, 2019 -This three-day course takes a deep dive into the GL portions of SedonaOffice.  Come learn more about your business and how to leverage SedonaOffice for improved best practices. 


We are starting our next Online Instructor-led classes for the ManitouNEO Bootcamp and the ManitouNEO Data Entry Specialist in May!  https://learn.boldgroup.com/category/professional-development These courses are at no additional cost for subscribers to Level 3 and Level 4. 


Coming soon!

SedonaOffice eLearning!!  We are working on building content for SedonaOffice users over the next quarters to come.  For those of you interested in more please contact your sales representative about signing up for the BoldU Subscriptions and find out how you can get it all, plus two users to the SedonaOffice BootCamp in August for only the cost of travel. 

Manitou 2.1 courses and eLearning!  We are building the content for Manitou 2.1 this quarter.  Lots coming including updated courses, for the Alarm Operators, Data Entry, and System Managers. 


Great work everyone, and, as always, if you need anything BoldU related, please email BoldU@boldgroup.com.

Have a great week!


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