Learning Week in Review - April 22, 2019

Learning Week in Review - April 22, 2019

Learning Week in Review - April 22, 2019

We had a productive week with lots of people accessing learning and content.  Let’s take a look:

2 Top learners this week!

Our eLearning has had some decent activity this week and we are excited to have two top learners this week!





Doyle Security Systems Inc

Kevin C.



Red Wolf High Level Security

Henry M.



Doyle Security Systems Inc

Rachel G.



Red Wolf High Level Security

Shane F.



Redwire / Sonitrol Of Tallahassee

Esther K.



Custom Alarm

Amela H.




Great work Kevin and Henry.  You will be receiving your Badges in your emails shortly. 


We also had a Tie in Top company completions as well this week.  Great work Doyle and Red Wolf.  The Learning Managers will receive their badges as well!


Manitou content continues to be popular in the Resource Center, but SedonaOffice is picking up steam…

Our Resource Library content continues to get regular use.  The BIG Webinar from last week is uploading this week.  Check it out!


Our top content from last week:

What makes a Quality Schedule

ManitouNEO Alarm Handling Overview Video

ManitouNEO Operator Cancel from Queue

ManitouNEO Dashboards

ManitouNEO Review On Test

Introduction to ManitouNEO

ManitouNEO Alarm Queue Columns

Introduction to ManitouNEO Guide

ManitouNEO Placing an Account On Test

ManitouNEO General Schedules Guide

ManitouNEO Filtering the Alarm Queue

ManitouNEO Handling an Alarm

SedonaDocs Overview

Remember, if you want a piece of content you don’t find, please email BoldU@BoldGroup.com and request it.  We will work to get you what you need.


We have two live classes coming up!


June 4 & 5, 2019 – AMDSA – Advanced Manitou Database and System Administrator course – This course is designed to help you gain a deeper knowledge of the Manitou Database and how to best manage it, collect data, and run, and build, reports. 

August 20-22, 2019 – SOGLBC – SedonaOffice GL BootCamp – This course dives into the GL and accounting portions of SedonaOffice and provides the learner with a solid foundation to get the most out of your SedonaOffice. 

For more details go to https://learn.boldgroup.com and navigate to Live Classes, or contact your sales representative. 

Instructor-led courses!

We currently have the ManitouNEO Bootcamp and the Alarm Operator courses in progress for Instructor-led courses.  The next start dates will be in May and June.  Remember, Level 3 and 4 Subscribers do not pay any additional fees to attend these courses. 


Live Online Instructor-led Course

Our next live Instructor-led course will be the Central Station Managers Course.  We hope to have that delivered by the end of this quarter.  Those who are subscribed to Level 4 will not pay any additional fees to attend. 


SedonaOffice eLearning and Tutorials

We are working on building SedonaOffice eLearning (Level 2) courses as well as single short-subject tutorials this quarter.  Keep an eye out here and in BoldU for more information to come!!

That’s it for this week! 

Happy learning everyone!


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