Learning Week in Review - April 15, 2019

Learning Week in Review - April 15, 2019

Learning Week in Review - April 15, 2019


Learner Completions

Learning is picking up again.  This week we had 73 completions by 13 learners. 


Our top learners this week were:





A-Com (United Monitoring)

Travis L.



Valley Security and Alarm (Geil Enterprises)

Pat R.



American Alarm & Communications

Julia A.



Per Mar Security Services

Angelina N.



Per Mar Security Services

Brad D.



Doyle Security Systems Inc

Melisha M.



Per Mar Security Services

Candace M.




New!! Badges!

Our Top learner each week will now receive a graphic badge they can put on their email signature or just share with their boss.  When you complete a section such as BU101 you will also receive a completion badge!  Collect them all!


Resource Center

We are constantly updating the content in the Resource Center, be sure to check in often to look for the latest.  We recently added SedonaOffice, AlarmBiller, and SIMS content to the offerings.


This week our most popular content was:

Learning Component Name

What makes a Quality Schedule

ManitouNEO Operator Cancel from Queue

ManitouNEO Placing an Account On Test

ManitouNEO Filtering the Alarm Queue

ManitouNEO Handling an Alarm

ManitouNEO Review On Test

ManitouNEO Alarm Queue Columns

SIMS - Tutorials - SIMS Temporary Schedule Entry

ManitouNEO Dashboards


We had 53 items downloaded this week.  We added over 30 new content pieces to the Resource Center this week. 



We have two LIVE in-person classes coming this Summer:

AMDSA – Advanced Manitou Database and System Administrator Course – This course digs into the Manitou Database and helps you build quality data practices and reports.  June 4 & 5, 2019

SOGLBC – SedonaOffice GL BootCamp – This course helps you better understand the AR/AP of your business and SedonaOffice.  August 20-22, 2019


To register go to https://learn.boldgroup.com and log in to register. 


Online Instructor-led classes

The ManitouNEO Operator class is active now and will be offered again in late June.  If you are interested in joining the next class, please email BoldU@boldgroup.com or register at https://learn.boldgroup.com.  The course is not yet open for registration. 

ManitouNEO Data Entry class just completed and will be available for registration for the next class in the next week.  This class dives into the ManitouNEO Web client and how data entry is impacted.  It also introduces Enhanced Action Patterns.

ManitouNEO BootCamp is active now and will be offered again in late June/early July.  This class dives into the new web interface and will be adding the 2.1 changes for the new course.  Look for the availability at https://learn.boldgroup.com


Live Online Classes

We are going to deliver the Central Station Managers course as a Live Online course over 4 weeks, by the end of this Quarter.  If you are interested in attending this course please email BoldU@boldgroup.com Registration will be available soon. 



As always, Level 3 subscribers may take any online-instructor-led course at no additional cost.  Those who wish to attend live and live-online instructor-led courses may do so at no additional cost if they are subscribed to Level 4* (*Some restrictions apply).  All courses are available for registration for all logged in BoldU users. 


Have a wonderful week!


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