Learning Week in Review - April 1, 2019

Learning Week in Review - April 1, 2019

Learning Week in Review - April 1, 2019

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The Learning Management System decided to prank me today and didn’t send me my reports.  My apologies for the delay delivering these to you today.


This week, its clear Spring Fever has arrived. 


We had a bit of a slowdown in use of BoldU this past week.  Still we had some high quality scores from those who did come to learn this week. 


Our top Learners this week were:








JD Security

Kevin N.



Cooperative Response Center ( CRC )

Alec R.



Paladin Technologies

Kaylyn M.



A Tech Security & Systems

Dee H.



A Tech Security & Systems

Jerry T.




Excellent job on the averages everyone!


Our Resource Center continues to draw people to its content. 

I will be posting some new documents this week.  Be sure to log in regularly.  We post things as we get them. 


Our most popular content this week was:


Learning Component Name

What makes a Quality Schedule

SedonaOffice - Release Notes - Release 6.0

ManitouNEO Filtering the Alarm Queue

ManitouNEO Handling an Alarm

ManitouNEO Review On Test

Introduction to ManitouNEO

ManitouNEO Alarm Queue Columns

Customer record decisions

ManitouNEO Dashboards

ManitouNEO Operator Cancel from Queue

Manitou AutoText Tutorial Video

ManitouNEO Placing an Account On Test

Action Pattern Basics


Upcoming classes!!!


This week!  Our next Online Instructor-led ManitouNEO Alarm Operator course starts Wednesday the 3rd.  There are still a few seats left!  If you want to join, please go to https://learn.boldgroup.com and navigate to Professional Development to register.  Companies with Levels 3 and 4 pay no additional fees to attend this class. 


Live Classes!!

June 4th and 5th, 2019 we are offering our Advanced Manitou Database and System Administrator Class!  This is a two-day Live course offered here at our Colorado Springs Training Center.  Come learn how to manage your database, recover from challenges, and write reports. 


August 20-22, 2019 we are offering the SedonaOffice GL Bootcamp.  More information to come soon!


To sign up for live classes, log into BoldU and navigate to Live Instruction from the Training Menu.  There you can register yourself, or others in your organization, for the classes.  Level 4 subscribers can send 2 people to 2 live courses with no additional cost, other than travel and lodging.  Take advantage of this before it’s gone!


If you would like to see other courses in Live, or Live Online, courses, please feel free to email me or BoldU@boldgroup.com with your ideas. 


That’s it for this April 1, 2019.  Have a joyful day!

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