BoldU Week in Reivew - Week Ending June 22, 2018

BoldU Week in Reivew - Week Ending June 22, 2018

BoldU Week in Reivew - Week Ending June 22, 2018

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Over 300 Resources – Over 100 eLearning Courses Completed – Nearly 60 online Students taking classes


Online Classes

This week marks week 3 for the ManitouNEO Data Entry specialist online instructor-led course, week 2 of the ManitouNEO Bootcamp, and Week 1 of the ManitouNEO Alarm Operator course.  We have nearly 60 learners enrolled taking self-paced elements in BoldU, participating in the online forums, and practicing what they learn in our ManitouNEO practice site.  They are supporting one another by sharing what they learn, and tricks they have, in the forums and truly collaborating with one another.  They are taking on the challenges with the goal of bettering their understanding of ManitouNEO with a positive attitude. 


Great job to them and all their hard work!




Our top Learning Organizations this past week were:

  • Golden Electronics
  • Per Mar
  • Security Partners
  • Hunter Security


Our top Learners this past week were:

  • Samuel D – Golden – 19 Completions
  • Chris W – SECOM NZ – 11 Completions
  • Hilary G – Security Partners – 10 Compeletions
  • Kristen S – Hunter Security – 8 Completions
  • Darryl H – Golden – 7 Completions


Our learners continue to consume the eLearning at an amazing rate. 


Resource Center

The Resource Center continues to be very popular.  This week continues to be very popular with the Dashboards file.  Please feel free to share any Dashboards you create that you think are pretty cool.   Our most popular Resources this past week were:


  • ManitouNEO Dashboards
  • What makes a Quality Schedule
  • Transmitter Programming Commands
  • ManitouNEO General Schedules
  • Manitou Default Person Types
  • Action Pattern Basics
  • ManitouNEO Action Pattern Categories


The top Resource Center Categories this week were:


  • ManitouNEO Quick Reference
  • Manitou Guides
  • Manitou Quick Reference
  • User Guides


We still have a rate of nearly two resources downloaded every hour of every day.  Thank you for utilizing this resource center.  Please give us feedback as to what other resources you would like to see here.  We are continuing to write and add to this resource center as often as possible. 


Thank you for your support.

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