BoldU Week(s) in Review - 2 Week Edition Weeks ending June 1 and June 8, 2018

BoldU Week(s) in Review - 2 Week Edition Weeks ending June 1 and June 8, 2018

BoldU Week(s) in Review - 2 Week Edition Weeks ending June 1 and June 8, 2018

BoldU kicks off its ManitouNEO Bootcamp Online Instructor-led class June 13!

This is the first time the course will be offered online.  This well-attended live class is moving online to enable more students to attend at once.  As the UL deadline is fast approaching the need for UL sites to move to ManitouNEO to remain compliant is becoming more apparent.  This ManitouNEO bootcamp is a six (6) week online instructor-led course that introduces ManitouNEO's new Web Interface, how to navigate, create dashboards, create customers, handle alarms, utilize the new features, and create Enhanced Action Patterns.  At the end of the course we cover the important details you will need to prepare to move your site to ManitouNEO including hardware requirements to ensure you are ready to move.  The class is nearly full!  If you are subscribed at the level 3 or 4 level it is no extra cost to you to register.  

Learners completed 153 eLearning Modules over the past 2 weeks!

Learners really kicked it up a notch over the past two weeks.  Lots of hard work went into the learning over the past two weeks.  

Our top learning sites over the past two weeks were:

  • Per Mar - 72 completions.
  • Security Partners and Redwire/Sontirol Tallahassee - 15 Completions
  • A Tech Security - 13 Completions
  • SECOM NZ - 11 Completions
  • State Alarm - 8 Completions

Our top learners were:

  • Abigail M - Per Mar
  • Jessica H - Per Mar
  • Sherry C - A Tech
  • Chris W - SECOM
  • Myles H - Redwire
  • David S - State


796 Resource items downloaded/viewed in the last two weeks!

The Resource Center continues to be a well-used.  With nearly 800 resouces touched in two weeks' time; that is 2.4 resources downloaded, or viewed, per hour.   

Our most popular resources over the past two weeks were:

  • ManitouNEO Review On Test
  • ManitouNEO Placing an Account On Test
  • ManitouNEO Handling an Alarm
  • ManitouNEO Alarm Queue Columns
  • ManitouNEO Filtering the Alarm Queue
  • ManitouNEO Select and Case for the EAP (Enhanced Action Patterns)
  • Creating List Prompt in ManitouNEO
  • ManitouNEO Action Pattern Categories
  • ManitouNEO Action Patterns
  • ManitouNEO Enhanced Action Patterns
  • ManitouNEO Alarm Handling Overview Video
  • ManitouNEO Overview Video
  • ManitouNEO New Customer Wizard Tutorial Video

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