BoldU Week in Review - Week Ending May 25, 2018

BoldU Week in Review - Week Ending May 25, 2018

BoldU Week in Review - Week Ending May 25, 2018

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Learning averages are moving up!  This week 19 learners completed 74 learnings and their scores, on average, were over 92%.  

Our top learners this week were:

  • Danielle B of Fire Monitoring Technologies
  • Julian A of Supreme Security
  • Sherry C of A Tech
  • Carla P of CenterPoint Tech
  • and Kelsea V of Per Mar

Our Top Organizations this week were:

Supreme Security

  • Fire Monitoring Technologies
  • A Tech Security and Systems
  • Center Point
  • Per Mar

Our Most popular learning this week was:

  • ManitouNEO Data Entry
  • Introduction to Manitou
  • ManitouNEO Alarm Handling


Our Resource Center continues to have a high volume of downloads.  This week we have over 300 resources downloaded/viewed.  

Our most popular resources are:

  • How to make a Quality Schedule
  • ManitouNEO Placing an Account On Test
  • ManitouNEO General Schedules Guide
  • ManitouNEO New Customer Worksheet
  • ManitouNEO Alarm Handling Overview Video
  • ManitouNEO Review On Test
  • ManitouNEO Select and Case for EAP
  • ManitouNEO Action Pattern Categories
  • ManitouNEO Action Patterns


Online Instructor-led Multi-week courses start again soon!

The ManitouNEO Data Entry Specialist Course kicks off again next Monday!  There are still 8 slots available (as of the writing of this message).  

The ManitouNEO Advanced Alarm Operator Course kicks off in just another few weeks.  (June 19th)  This course is just about full.  

The ManitouNEO Bootcamp is available for registration and will kick off on June 13th.  

Remember sites who are registered for Level 3 or 4 may register for these courses at no additional cost.  If you would like to register for any of these courses one-off please contact our sales team.  There are a maximum of 20 seats available for each course.  

Also, please note!  These courses REQUIRE learners to be self-motivated, and they must allot time EVERY week to do the assignments that are in BoldU, in the forums attached to BoldU, and the assignments that require completion in the ManitouNEO practice site provided to them the first day of class.  If learners do not complete ALL required items WEEKLY they will be dropped from the course.  The assignments are designed to take no more than 1 to 6 hours of time each week, depending on their ability to focus on the materials and their assimilation of the information.  The Bootcamp challenges could take slightly more time as the material becomes slightly more challenging as the weeks progress.  

All materials build on the week before, therefore learners cannot afford to fall behind.  

We want you to get the most out of the course and we encourage you to engage with the other learners in the course.  

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