BoldU Week in Review - Week Ending April 27, 2018

BoldU Week in Review - Week Ending April 27, 2018

BoldU Week in Review - Week Ending April 27, 2018

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New Record usage!  

This week (ending April 27 at approximately 14:40 PM) we had 35 learners successfully complete their learning of 107 completions with an average grade of 85.82%

Our Top learners last week were:

  • Kelly W of SECOM NX - 32 Completions
  • Erin B of Doyle - 7 Completions
  • Nathan S of Paladin - 7 Completions
  • Shelia B of American - 5 Completions
  • Nathan G and John W of Cunningham - 5 Completions
  • Kevin C of Doyle - 5 Completions
  • Michele L of Per Mar - 5 Completions

Our top companies supporting learning in their organization are:

  • Per Mar
  • Cunningham
  • Doyle
  • American Alarm & Communications
  • Paladin

We truly appreciate that you are committed to educating your team and to the concept that the better trained your staff is the better you serve your customers.  

Our top courses this week were:

  • BU102 - ManitouNEO Data Entry
  • BTT101 - Manitou Alarm Handling
  • BU101 - ManitouNEO Alarm Handling Basics

We love that everyone is embracing ManitouNEO and we are excited to see you take advantage of all the opportunities ManitouNEO brings!

BU201 - ManitouNEO Data Entry Specialist Course - First Class comes to a close

The first Professional Development Online course comes to a close this week.  We learned a lot about online learning during this class.  The course covered many ManitouNEO related data entry items with tasks for the learners to complete each week in our ManitouNEO practice system.  Learners also interacted with one another in the forums each week as the shared what they learned with the group.  

In order to control the number of students in class we did not advertise the course within the Learning Management system this go around.  However, the system is introducing new features this month that should allow us to do this for the next round of classes.  Those of you who subscribe at the level 3 and Level 4 will be able to register for these courses at NO extra cost.  If you are not subscribed at those levels you will be able to request to purchase these classes.  

Online Instructor-led courses are generally six to eight weeks long and require a commitment of 1 to 4 hours of time, from the learner, to take the eLearning portion, participate in the forums, and complete the assigned work.  Work is expected to be completed each week.  Please keep this in mind when registering for these courses.  

Record high use of the Resource Center

This week we had 69 resources accessed 516 times!  That is wonderful!  That means that you are finding the center useful!

Quick reference guides continue to be the most used resources.  

Here is the list of the most popular guides of the week:

  • ManitouNEO Action Patterns
  • ManitouNEO Enhanced Action Patterns
  • ManitouNEO New Customer Worksheet
  • ManitouNEO Resi V Comm Enhanced Action Pattern
  • Transmitter Programming Commands Guide
  • ManitouNEO General Schedules Guide
  • What makes a Quality Schedule
  • ManitouNEO EAP IF and Select Options
  • ManitouNEO Action Pattern Categories
  • Action Pattern Decision Tree
  • Customer record decisions
  • ManitouNEO Creating a Reminder
  • Manitou Default Person Types
  • ManitouNEO Select and Case for EAP
  • Action Pattern Basics
  • ManitouNEO Post Processing Action Patterns
  • ManitouNEO Loop Logic for EAP
  • ManitouNEO Review On Test
  • ManitouNEO Placing an Account On Test

It looks like a lot of people are getting excited about using and building Enhanced Action Patterns!

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