BoldU Week in Review - Week Ending April 20, 2018

BoldU Week in Review - Week Ending April 20, 2018

BoldU Week in Review - Week Ending April 20, 2018

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Creating a List Prompt in ManitouNEO Enhanced Action Pattern Quick Reference Guide Made a Popular Debut 

We introduced a new Quick Reference guide to the Resouce Center last week and it quickly became the most popular download of the week.  18 people downloaded the guide the first day!

ManitouNEO Quick Reference Guides remain to be the hottest items accessed in the Resource Center weekly.  Followed by the Manitou guides, General User Guides, ManitouNEO video tutorials, and Manitou Quick Reference Guides.  

The following guides were the most popular last week:

  • Transmitter Programming Commands Guide

  • ManitouNEO Select and Case for EAP

  • ManitouNEO Placing an Account On Test

  • ManitouNEO Alarm Queue Columns

  • ManitouNEO Handling an Alarm

  • Manitou CS 2.0.0 Operator Workstation User Guide

  • ManitouNEO Overview Video

  • ManitouNEO Data Entry Overview Video

  • ManitouNEO Review On Test

  • ManitouNEO Operator Cancel from Queue

  • ManitouNEO Filtering the Alarm Queue

8 Companies 19 Learners Completed 38 Courses 

Top companies in BoldU last week were:

  • Doyle (11 Completions)
  • American Alarm & Communications (9 Completions)
  • Per Mar (6 Completions)
  • SECOM NZ (5 Completions)
  • Hunter Security (3 Completions)

Top Learners in BoldU Last week were:

  • Shiela B - American
  • Kevin C - Doyle
  • Kelly W - SECOM
  • Arielle S - Doyle
  • Erin B - Doyle
  • Tanya H - Per Mar
  • Michele L - Per Mar
  • Michele H - Supreme

Learners averaged a score of 88% on their efforts.  

Our Top courses completed last week were:

  • MantiouNEO Alarm Handling (BU101) - 10
  • BTT101A - Introduction to the Alarm Queue - 5
  • BTT102B - Customer Signal Programming Basics - 5
  • BTT101B - The Alarm Form - 4
  • BTT100 - Introduction to Manitou - 4

First Online Instructor Lead classes BU201 and BU200 are coming to a close - Next Classes Start in June

Our first two Online, instructor-led, classes BU201 ManitouNEO Data Entry Specialist and BU200 ManitouNEO Advanced Alarm Handler, are starting to come to a close.  These six-week online classes contain self-paced, and forum-based, instructor-led discussions, with a practice site where learners complete weekly assignments, are available, at no extra cost, for those companies that are enrolled at the Level 3 or 4 subscription level.  You can still purchase enrollments into these classes if you would like by simply contacting  If you would like to sign up for the June courses please contact 


Coming soon!  Online ManitouNEO Bootcamp!

Please let us know if you are interested in participating in the online instructor-led bootcamp course by contacting us at either or 

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