SIMS Modules Workshop

SIMS Modules Workshop

SIMS - Module Workshop


Come learn how to power use the SIMS modules.

Customers will learn more about creating automated reports and using the Formwriter 3 SIMS Module. In the first part of the workshop, we will be covering the ins and out of the program, editing forms, adding scheduled reports, etc.

The second part of the workshop will be a review of Formwriter 3, SIMS Dispatch, SIMSWeb 4 and new updates/features in SIMS III for Windows. We want to make sure that our customers are aware of what modules/products that we have available as well as how these can be used as a beneficial tool for their business.

We will have Q & A throughout the webinar as well as time for the customer to do hands on for their site.


This one-day workshop introduces to you the features of SIMS III modules, how to leverage them to streamline your practices and increase customer satisfaction.


8 hours


• Review functionality of Formwriter 3 and connectivity to SIMS.

• Cover types of reports (i.e. History/Listing/Dealer/Account)

• Using SQL forms/Uploading forms

• Adding scheduled reports

• Using Folder Tree to separate reports

• Editing forms

• Q & A

• SIMS Dispatch (functionality/demo)

• SIMSWeb4 (functionality/demo)

• SIMS III (new updates/features)


Central Station Supervisor/Managers

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