Central Station Managers Course (CSMC)


This course helps prepare Managers and Supervisors with the tools they need to manage Manitou, and ManitouNEO, within their Central Station (Monitoring Center).


This course focuses on topics that central station managers handle every day, with an emphasis on the issues that matter most to your monitoring center. It’s ideal training for managers and administrators who need a more thorough understanding of Manitou. Attendees will learn about replication, backups, failovers, and advanced programming and reporting features in Manitou that will help them improve performance and increase efficiency.


2 Days


  • Using the majority of Manitou features and how they pertain to their work within your monitoring operations.
  • Troubleshooting alarm and system issues.
  • Building Action patterns to meet company and customer needs.
  • Manipulating signals through programming to ensure the correct events deliver to operators.
  • Running reports in Manitou to obtain quality information on how effectively the operations are running.
  • Employ soft-skills to work better with customers and team members.
  • Understanding how the Manitou failover process works.
  • Understanding and preparing for Emergency situations.
  • Engaging the alarm operations team utilzing Manitou Reminder features.
  • Continually educating the alarm operations team through practice and games.
  • Providing clear and useful feedback to alarm operators to clarify issues and provide action items to improve.
  • Planning and executing operator evaluations based on measurable metrics.
  • Understanding how to identify “value-added” customer offerings utilizing Manitou features.
  • Identifying ways to make small changes that will produce big results toward focusing on excellence within your operations.


Managers and Supervisors seeking to gain a deeper knowledge of their Manitou system.


Prior to attending the course participants are expected to have completed the following:

  • Pre-course survey 
  • A basic understanding of the Manitou System (Manitou Systems Basics)
  • Confirm General Understanding of the Mantiou Data Entry and Alarm Processing

Additional Notes

In order to receive a completion certificate participants are expected to do the following:

• Complete all pre-requisites

• Attend both days

• Complete the Assessment



Day 1

• Overview

• A day in the life of an alarm

• Alarm origins

• Travel Paths

• Receivers

• Automation

• Signal Formats

• Action Patterns

• A day in the life of Alarm Operations

• Buidling and Understanding Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

• Reporting

• Research and Troubleshooting

Day 2

• Review of Day 1

• A month in the life of Alarm Operations

• Failover process

• Operational Maintenance

• Providing Operators Feedback

• Evaluating and Engaging Operators

• Planting the seeds for new business growth

• Leveraging Manitou features for better service offerings

• Providing solution-based feedback

• Hiring Well

• Building Operational Excellence

• Assessment

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