Caryn Morgan

Caryn Morgan


I love education and learning. I analyze business practices and provide newly designed programs to empower teams to move toward self-education and build a desire to know what they don't already know.

What do you get when you hire Caryn to analyze your business and training programs?
- An investigator who seeks answers and proof of practices.
- An observer who watches operations in progress for the actual delivery of processes.
- A data analyst who teases out data to support findings.
- A process planner defining measured steps toward change.
- A technical support specialist who helps ensure all necessary software works to simplify the change process.
- A change leader working alongside those implementing changes, demonstrating the effectiveness, and/or necessity.
- A learner with the desire to broaden her base of knowledge to better understand the tasks and needed change.

What experience does Caryn have?
- 17 years of alarm monitoring software and operational experience.
- Over 15 years of User Experience software testing.
- Over 25 years of training and training design experience.
- Proven track record implementing change processes and leading teams.
- Manager of central station operational staff.
- Knowledge of more than 100 central station operations around the world.
- Active Social Media content creator.
- eLearning creator and LMS administrator.
- Self-taught SQL query writer.

What business issues can Caryn help you resolve?
- Implementing new and more effective processes, including related training.
- Reaching out to your end-customers through social media.
- Helping you define what your true core issues are helping you build a plan to solve them.

Caryn Morgan

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Colorado Springs, CO, United States

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