Welcome to BoldU!

Welcome to BoldU!

Level 1 - Resource Center

This resource center contains quick reference and how-to guides, as well as links to quick video tutorials, that help accomplish specific tasks within Manitou and ManitouNEO. This also contains one free eLearning course the BTT100 Introduction to Manitou.

Level 2 - Self-Paced Learning

This level contains self-paced eLearning courses that step learners through the basics of using the Manitou, and ManitouNEO user interface. Courses available here are:

  • - Manitou Alarm Handling
  • - Manitou Data Entry Basics
  • - Manitou System Basics – An introduction to the Manitou Supervisor Workstation and Manitou System Configuration
  • - ManitouNEO Data Entry Basics (Q1 2018)
  • - ManitouNEO Alarm Handling (Q1 2018)

Level 3 - Professional Development

In addition to the eLearning this level includes online courses that pair the learner with an instructor and other learners from other organizations to take an online instructor-led course where the learners watch course modules, participate in discussions, and complete assignments.

Courses available at this level are:

  • - BU200 - ManitouNEO Advanced Alarm Operator
  • - BU201 - ManitouNEO Data Entry Specialist
  • - BU202 - ManitouNEO Bootcamp

Level 4 - Advanced Instruction (Coming Q3 2018)

Level 4 - This level includes all levels, plus allows the learners to attend regularly scheduled live online courses with our expert instructors. Plus, this entitles each company to send two(2) learners to each live in-person classes this calendar year. (Travel and lodging not included.)

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